Steam With Me

In Russia, I steamed at least once a week, usually twice. In the States I steam only about twice a month. Part of it is distance (it takes me almost an hour to get to the nearest banya, northeast of Philadelphia), and part of it is company – or, rather, the absence of company.

It is best to steam with someone else, with friends.

If you think you would like to join me one day, take a look at the news page. I list dates when I will be steaming either by myself, or with an open Facebook group I founded, Philly Steamers. (We usually meet twice a month, and usually on late Saturday mornings.)

And if you would like me to meet you specially to guide you through the stages of steaming, Russian-style, I can do that for a nominal fee. Just send me an e-mail. I supply the scents: aromatic oils and tinctures, as well as herbs (wormwood, mint, sage) grown in my garden. I also massage each bather with birch or oak veniki, the bundles of leafy twigs.

Naturally, my enchanting (ahem!) tales about Russia are free.

My hometown banya in the States is in Southampton, Pennsylvania (northeast Philly). I also sometimes steam at a banya in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, as well as two of the dozen or so banyas in and around Brooklyn, New York.